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Sarah Silverman Loves DVD Extras

5 Feb, 2010 By: John Latchem

sarah silverman program 2.2

Sarah Silverman and her friends know what they want from a DVD.

“I like DVDs with extras,” Silverman said. “I wouldn’t shove it down everyone’s throat, but I like that kind of stuff. We always just kind of go by the gauge of the stuff we’re into. We’re film and television geeks. I could watch The Shining featurette a thousand times in a row and never get sick of it.”

For that reason, Silverman enjoys putting good extras on the DVDs of her Comedy Central series, “The Sarah Silverman Program.”

Silverman plays a fictional version of herself telling her life story through narrative and an occasional song. The cast includes Laura Silverman (Sarah’s real-life sister), Brian Posehn, Steve Agee and Jay Johnston.

The Sarah Silverman Program: Season Two Vol. Two hits DVD Feb. 9 at $26.98 from Paramount Home Entertainment. The two-DVD set includes 10 episodes, plus animated shorts, behind-the-scenes footage and audio commentary with the cast.

“The behind-the-scenes stuff is really cool on it, actually, because we always just have somebody around with a flip camera or something backstage, and they grab us between scenes, or whatever, and make something cool out of it,” Silverman said during a conference call to promote the third season of the show, which premiered Feb. 4 on Comedy Central.

With the show having been off the air since December 2008, the series star and co-creator said it was fun to re-watch some of the episodes for the commentary.

“We’re all so close to the episodes because we watch it in tiny increments, building and building from each stage, and then editing and everything, so we’re pretty familiar with it,” Silverman said. “But it is fun to then, months later, just put headphones on and watch it and talk. We end up just having conversations while we’re supposed to be commenting on the show.

“It is fun, the things that come up and the stuff you remember about each scene, and the kind of backstage antics going on, and the way we figured out how to do this or shoot this. For people who are interested in that stuff, it’s interesting.”

The animated shorts that appear on the DVD were produced for the Web in conjunction with the series.

“Those were done by this guy named Justin Roiland, who is an amazing animator and writer, and Rob Schrab knew him from Channel 101, which is a Web site that they do together. It’s a live show here in L.A., where people make TV shows that are under five minutes,” Silverman said. “It’s how I met Schrab and Dan Harmon — the three of us created this show together.

“There’s just this crazy pool of talent, and Justin does this great animation, so we just kind of gave him free rein, and he would write cartoons and stuff, and grab us in between scenes to record them.”

As for the new season, Silverman said fans can expect the same level of zany lowbrow humor that has been a staple of the show.

“We just continue to still try to just write stuff that makes us laugh, and when a bunch of comics are in a room, it takes more to make us laugh, or less,” Silverman said. “I mean, aggressively stupid goes a long way in the room and on the show.”

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