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What's on Target … and Not … at Target

26 Apr, 2004 By: Stephanie Prange

I recently perused Target's DVD section and came to the conclusion that it has a very serviceable section for new releases. But I also thought there's an opportunity being missed on the sellthrough side in targeting catalog.

Certain titles, such as The Breakfast Club and Police Academy, were tossed on endcaps as if they were new releases, with nary an indication as to why a customer should buy these catalog entrants.

What about creativity? I have no doubt an indie retailer could come up with something to put the big box to shame. Teen and tween titles are all the rage in theaters. Let customers know that Molly Ringwald of The Breakfast Club was the Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan of her day. The film should still resonate with today's teens.

With the comedy Police Academy, a retailer might quote one of the famously funny lines or scenes.

As for the new releases, Kill Bill Vol. 1 could have been marketed with other Quentin Tarantino titles, such as Reservoir Dogs.

The big-box guys may offer low prices, but they make customers work too hard. I'd love to hear some innovative merchandising techniques from others.

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