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TK's MORNING BUZZ: Video Stores Should Honor Their Own Breed of Movie Stars -- the Actors and Actresses of Direct-to-Video

7 Sep, 2001 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Video killed the radio star, the Buggles sang at the height of the post-punk power-pop explosion of the late 1970s.

Yes, but what about the video star? To paraphrase Rodney Dangerfield, they just don't get no respect.

You know who I'm talking about. The video stars, the actors and actresses to whom the Big Screen is a far-off (or, in many cases, fading) dream, but who are well known to myriad retailers and consumers for their prolific body of direct-to-video work.

These are the other heroes of Hollywood, the 'B' movie stars who probably work harder, and more frequently, than any thespian outside of television.

They have film credits up the yin-yang, and you'd know most of them if you saw them.

And yet you hardly ever see their names in the tabloids, in the celebrity magazines, in the Entertainment Weeklys and Rolling Stones. The cameras aren't on them when they arrive at awards shows -- if they're even invited.

Michael Pare. Rutger Hauer. Dedee Pfeiffer. Ron Perlman. Luke Perry and Roger Moore, two famous names of past ("Beverly Hills 90210" and James Bond), teamed together in The Enemy, coming soon to a video store near you courtesy of Avalanche Home Entertainment, which bills the film as being "in the tradition of Mission Impossible."

I've always felt it would be fitting and right for video stores to in some way honor their own breed of movie stars, the actors and actresses whose films appear on video right off the bat, whose premieres attract not a red carpet lined with TV cameras, but eager fingers poised on the pause, fastforward and rewind buttons.

Displays. Trivia contests ("How many action thrillers has Michael Pare appeared in where something blows up within the first 20 seconds?") Maybe even personal appearances or autograph-signing sessions.

Let Hollywood honor the A-list stars. Video retailers owe it to themselves to give these also-rans their moment in the sun.

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