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TK's MORNING BUZZ: From the 'Odd and Absurd' File -- the Powerpuff Girls, Heidi Fleiss, the Washington Traffic Safety Commission and Kmart's 'Shrek' Contests

1 Nov, 2001 By: Thomas K. Arnold

From the "odd and absurd" file of press releases and news tidbits we've received in the last few days:

-- Warner Home Video is recalling copies of its latest Powerpuff Girls DVDbecause a computer virus was "inadvertently incorporated" into the DVD-ROMportion, according to a press release. The release notes the virus "could cause damage to your computer system" and promises Warner "is currentlyworking to manufacture functional DVD copies of The Powerpuff Girls: Meet the Beat-Alls."

-- Everyone and his madam wants a piece of the DVD pie. The latest: notoriousHollywood madam Heidi Fleiss has released a DVD of sex tips with her buddy,Victoria Sellers, daughter of the famous actor Peter Sellers. Among the tipsdispensed on the disc: Men with sexual hangups should seek help from hookers. "It's a great Christmas gift," Fleiss told the Reuters news service.

-- There's either a dearth of quality product, or too many film festivals. TheWashington Traffic Safety Commission picked up two top awards at the recent WorldFest Houston International Film Festival competition in Houston, the nation's largest independent film and video competition. A gold award went to a 10-minute educational film targeting teens who drink, while a second educational film about road rage won a bronze award. I can't wait for the DVD.

-- How's this for shaping up your image? Kmart, the home of the "blue-lightspecial," is getting behind Friday's release of the Shrek video in a big way. The discount chain on Sunday, Nov. 4, will host a Shrek-inspired bean-bagtoss, giving kids the opportunity to toss their beans for a chance to win thenew video or other prizes. In addition, Kmart stores with restaurants -- holy haute cuisine! -- also will hold coloring contests, with grand-prize winners getting a Shrek standee. Here's an idea: a "green-light special."

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