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TK's MORNING BUZZ: Maybe Next Summer Aunt Tanya Will Have a DVD Player -- and I'll Remember to Bring More Than a DVD of 'A Bug's Life'

15 Jun, 2001 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Here I am in Alabama for the annual summer vacation to visit my wife's family in Birmingham. And in addition to being surrounded by six young 'uns, 11 andunder -- my two boys, and my four nieces -- I am writing this surrounded by DVD.

The news is on TV here in the kitchen and the Alabama newscast just announced that not only is The Godfather finally coming to DVD, but so is "a special set of The Simpsons."Meanwhile, we just got back from Wal-Mart, where a huge rack of budget-priced DVDs stood in the middle of the floor outside the electronics area, all priced at $9.96. There was some typical budget stuff, to be sure, like a compilation of vintage Barney Fife episodes from the old Andy Griffith TV show. But there were also first-run movies, like Executive Decision, from theWarner family, and there were more hands rummaging through these titles than there were in the cheap VHS bin a few feet away.

Alabama, of course, is the heart of Movie Gallery country. The Movie Gallerystores I managed to drop by between visits to the ice cream parlor and the movie theater (Shrek -- again!) have undergone a major transformation in justthe last year in terms of DVD. The little discs are prominently displayed andhave multiplied like rabbits since my last visit over theChristmas holidays.

And last night, when the power went out, we were about to watch a movie on my sister-in-law's VCR. The popcorn was made, the kids were almost quiet and quasi-settled. Then, darkness.

Thank God I had my laptop, with its DVD drive, with me. We truly enjoyed watching A Bug's Life for the 23rd time. It was the only disc I'd brought with me.

Next time, I'll be smarter. Then again, maybe by then Aunt Tanya will have a DVD player.

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