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THE MORNING BUZZ: With A Little Luck, the VSDA Convention Will Pull Through

16 Jul, 2002 By: Stephanie Prange

Even before I got to the convention this year, bad luck plagued me. My 1 p.m. flight was cancelled (something about a broken window on the plane, I believe).

Then things turned up again as I was able to catch the only remaining flight that would allow me to make Artisan's cocktail party Sunday night. Killing time outside the Skins bar in The Palms hotel, I lost a few coins in some slot machines (bad luck, again). But good luck shined on me when I got through the first day of show daily editing fairly trouble free.

Perhaps in no year since I've attended this convention has traveling to this bastion of gambling seemed so symbolically appropriate. The convention itself is taking a gamble this year with a new model and businesslike focus.

Will it work? Preliminary – though by no means conclusive – results of our online poll aren't encouraging. Responding to the poll question, “What do you think of the new show format for Home Entertainment 2002?” Answers were:

It's great. It's the reason I'm going (7.79 percent);
It will reinvigorate the show (16.88 percent);
It won't change anything (22.08 percent); and
I'm not going to the show this year (53.25 percent).

Here's hoping the convention's luck changes.

After all, without the VSDA show, where will I get my yearly dose of disco music?

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