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THE MORNING BUZZ: Tommy Arnold Picked A Pack of DVDs

6 Jun, 2002 By: Thomas K. Arnold

My growing DVD collection is beginning to drive me a little crazy.

Over the last five years I've open and closed enough DVD boxes to consider myself quite an expert on what works and doesn't in the way of packaging. Here are some observations I'd like to point out (and I urge retailers out there to e-mail us here at Hive4Media and let us know how you feel, as well).

Lose the cardboard. I don't care how crisp and clean the graphics look; the edges are beginning to wear and the corners are bent. I'm seriously considering buying some blank plastic “keep cases,” cutting out the front and back and making my own containers.

That said, not all of the so-called “keep cases” are equal. The hubs are a big deal—the ones with all the spokes keep breaking, resulting in floating discs and, in some cases, scratched discs. I much prefer the hubs consisting of two tear-shaped nubs that contract when you push them in, freeing the disc, and then pop back out.

For the growing number of double-disc sets, I'm torn. On the one hand, I prefer the compact size of the boxes in which one disc is on hinged “lip” stuck in the middle, between cover and back; my fear, however, is that the hinge will break as easily as the ones on some of my CDs have. The clunkiness of containers in which each disc has its own space, so to speak, gobbles up a lot more space, but at least there are no breakable parts.

Are those security tape strips on all three openable sides of the box really necessary? There must be a better way to prevent shoplifting. It's hard enough to peel off the top strip (with the bar code and title on it) without damaging the clear-plastic cover.

These are just a few of my rants -- ----I'm sure there are more waiting to surface. In the meantime, let's hear from you, the reader. What bugs you about DVD?

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