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THE MORNING BUZZ: Remember, But Don't Forget to Watch the Road Ahead

10 Sep, 2002 By: Holly J. Wagner

I'm not going to get maudlin about the anniversary today. It saddens us all for good reason. We'll each experience it differently and nothing I could say about that day would capture anyone else's feelings about it.

I thought about it a lot, though, and had trouble deciding on the appropriate way to observe. It didn't seem right to let the day pass without mention or to stir up anyone's pain.

But I do want to remind folks to look not only at the terrible events of a year ago today, but all that has happened since. We learn so slowly.

We absolutely must fight those who would threaten our country and the freedoms we enjoy. But we must make sure to balance that with making our country a worthy place to fight for without conceding the very freedoms we purport to protect.

It's shameless that executives at some of the world's biggest corporations looted some states, their companies and even their own employees for personal gain -- even more despicable when the nation is under external threat. That's another kind of terrorism.

It's also shameless that corporations -- including media conglomerates -- are seizing on antiterrorism initiatives to create opportunities to violate citizens' privacy. A number of the antiterrorism bills on Capitol Hill include provisions the entertainment giants want to use for their own ends. Sections that let companies spy on people and twist the law.

There is a legitimate need to fight piracy, whether it's digital, political or violently physical. But we also have to preserve the liberties our Constitution promises. It's what we're fighting for in the first place, isn't it?

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