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THE MORNING BUZZ: The DVD Market According to Mom

22 Jul, 2002 By: Stephanie Prange

I now am certain DVD has arrived as a mainstream product. It isn't the most recent quotes of market penetration or sales of the latest DVD release or the lauding of the product in the news media that has solidified this opinion. What, you ask, is my measure of the mainstream adoption of this new technology?

My mother is planning to buy a DVD player.

Coming from a woman who only recently got a cell phone, that's big news. Females in my family have traditionally been suspicious of new technology. (My grandmother never was comfortable with the microwave oven. She kept it in the laundry room, where its mysterious rays could not penetrate the kitchen.) Thus, when my mom tells me she is looking into purchasing a DVD player, it signals a sea change in the buying public. Heck, if my mom is willing to buy one, the technology has really arrived.

No doubt the “mom” factor will change the character of the DVD market. Our 2002 Consumer Survey shows the next wave of DVD households will be a decidedly different bunch from the early adopters. Those households considering buying a DVD player in the next year already purchase a high percentage of VHS tapes for the kids – no doubt many of these purchases by moms picking up entertainment for the little ones. Almost 40 percent of their home video purchases were for children under 12. If their habits translate to DVD, that could mean a new explosion in the family and kids DVD market.

This new crop of DVD households also promises avid purchasers and renters of video entertainment, boding well for the whole business. Sixty-three percent of that group had purchased a video in the past year, and 34 percent said they purchased at least once a month. Eighty percent of these households had rented a tape in the last year, and 57 percent said they go to the video store at least once a week.

Like my mom, these households may be coming later to the DVD party, but they look ready to hit the buffet.

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