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Off to Las Vegas

24 Jul, 2005 By: Kurt Indvik

If you're attending Home Entertainment 2005, the annual convention put on by the Video Software Dealers Association, you're likely traveling to Las Vegas today and may not have a chance to read this morning's column.

For those of you unable to attend, keep an eye on this website for news reports from the show, as well as the VSDA's own web site (vsda.org) and even a VSDA blog (www.vsda2005.blogspot.com) for the latest inside the Bellagio.

While the past four or five conventions have been dominated by the rocket growth of DVD and its impact across the home entertainment spectrum, this year's show marks what some believe might be a turning point in the industry as DVD appears to have entered a period of maturity and slowed growth. DVD has been the fastest growing consumer electronics product in history, and having its growth crest after eight years is indicative of the accelerated pace of consumer transition to ever more sophisticated media platforms and options.

What happens in a mature and post-DVD era is a question getting a lot of attention already and perhaps it's not surprising that this year's convention seems to be on track to have more exhibitors and attendees than in recent years, all coming together to learn from each other, get a sense of their collective futures, and to take some time to have some fun and celebrate what has been a renaissance in home entertainment since 1997.

With a looming format battle for the next generation of packaged media looking ever more likely, the quickening pace of digital delivery on a wide variety of media platforms, and Hollywood struggling to deliver product that will excite its audiences again, the packaged media business has its work cut out for it to maintain the dominance it's enjoyed in the entertainment world for the past eight years.

While we won't necessarily find al the answer in one week in Vegas, this show may, however, energize the industry to work closely together to find ways to maintain that position.

Viva Las Vegas.

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