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iPorn: The iPhone 3G Makes Adult Content Mobile

By : Erik Gruenwedel | Posted: July 29, 2008

It was probably a safe bet the people in the line last Monday morning snaking around the Apple store in the upscale Fashion Island Mall in Newport Beach, Calif., weren't thinking much about adult entertainment.

Or were they?

While the majority likely wanted to snag — and brag about — Apple's white-hot second-generation iPhone 3G armed with twice the networking speed of its predecessor and at half the price, many coveted the new open-platform software that caters to 500 (including 125 free) proprietary and third-party applications, scores of them adult.

Apple said it sold 1 million iPhones in the first 72 hours after the July 11 launch. Only The Dark Knight is hotter. While there is one Bruce Wayne, there are countless users who will take their iPhones where no U.S. mobile phone has successfully ventured: adult videos and photos.

Indeed, words such as “sex” and “porno” ranked in the top 10 of search terms from more than 14 million mobile Web browsers, according to a survey by Crisp Wireless, a wireless mobile publishing network.

Why should you care? For better or worse, where porn goes, so does home entertainment.

Beset with shrinking DVD sales and excess supply (much of it electronic, free and pirated), the adult market believes the new iPhone and other “smartphones” (with Internet connectivity) can revolutionize the industry much the way VHS saved it in the 1980s.

“It's like going from dial-up to broadband,” said one industry expert.

Since U.S. cellular carriers won't distribute adult content directly due to age-verification issues and decency laws, consumers of adult content are left with third-party Web sites that require a credit card, heretofore tough to access due to limited networking capacity and browser speed.

The iPhone 3G changed all that.

Now, adult sites such as YouPorn, Phonerotica and PornAccess rank among the top destinations accessed by smartphone users, according to M:Metrics, a mobile media measurement company.


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