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An Industry In Search of A Champion

23 Jun, 2003 By: Stephanie Prange

If there was one cautionary tale at last week's DVD in 50 conference, it was the music industry.

Panelists skewered the music industry for offering little value as the consumer passed them by in file-trading music.

Industry veteran and oft-called “father of DVD” Warren Lieberfarb warned the video industry that they could fall victim to the same problems that befell music execs. He all but called for a leader to emerge, much like he did on the DVD front, to provide the vision to bring the industry into the high-def future.

Preoccupied with the latest blockbuster and meeting current revenue goals, we in the video industry often don't have time to think four or five years down the road – say in 2007 – when many say the growth trend in DVD will level out.

While the success of today may tempt us to rest on our laurels, the industry pundits are entreating us to think ahead.

In his keynote at the DVD in 50 conference, Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment president Ben Feingold, also an early DVD proponent, told attendees the high-def move will take leadership.

“It's going to take a little bit of push, a little bit of compromise and a leap of faith to make this successful,” he said.

As the conference wore on, the question began to arise, “Who will be the “father of high-def?”

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