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If <I>I&#39;m</I> confused &hellip;

1 Dec, 2003 By: Stephanie Prange

I know I'm supposed to be all-knowing about the video industry, but I have to admit, I'm confused by the digital recording devices out there.

With regard to DVD recorders, do I want plus or minus? Do I need both? Should I get a DVD burner rather than a DVD recorder? Should I get a digital tape camera? Will it transfer easily to a DVD burner or DVD recorder? How do I transfer the data from tape to disc? How will our home movies play on our DVD players if we burn them?

My instinct is to ignore the whole thing until it becomes more clear, and I bet I'm not that different from the typical shopper in that regard. I'd love to put all of our home movies on disc; it would clear a large space on my shelves. But I just don't have a clue on which recording device to spend my money.

With DVD player prices at new lows this year, the transformation from cassette to disc will accelerate. But the final element in that transformation is DVD recording, and I'm afraid the industry and retailers have done little to help consumers understand the disc recording devices out there.

And if I'm confused, those who don't work in this industry are likely befuddled as well. While slick commercials about DVD recording grace the airwaves, those who walk into a retailer to purchase a recording device will likely find it's harder to make a decision than it may seem. With all the success that DVD has had, it would be a shame if the industry bungled the last piece of the disc revolution.

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