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Butaca.tv Launches a New Latino Movie Site

15 Oct, 2010 By: Angelique Flores

Multiplatform Latino entertainment content delivery service Butaca.tv recently launched a new site that offers viewers free access to Latino films.

The advertising-supported service offers a range of films from classics made during Mexico’s Golden Age of Cinema to contemporary films in a variety of genres, including action, comedy, horror, drama, children’s and documentaries. The platform is built with a user-friendly interface available in both Spanish and English.

“Our site provides consumers of Latino entertainment a diverse choice of content that up until now was not readily available on traditional Spanish-language networks,” said Pedro Alonzo, president of Butaca.tv.

Among the films available are Luis Buñuel’s El Bruto; Juana Gallo starring Maria Felix; films from the Santo, Pedro Infante and Capulina collections; Un Mundo Maravilloso, starring Damian Alcazar; the acclaimed drama Buenos Aires 100 Kilómetros; and Betty Kaplan’s Doña Bárbara.

Many of the films already contain subtitles, Alonzo said, and Butaca plans to eventually have every film subtitled.

While much of the available titles are classic Mexican films that usually appeal to a much older demographic, Randall Green, COO of Butaca.tv, said a surprising number of younger people are watching them as well as families.

Still, Alonzo and Green said they will grow their offerings.

“We’re really interested in independent Latino film,” Green said. “A large percentage never gets distribution in the U.S., so I think we can really be that platform.”

Alonzo added that they’re looking to obtain rights to films from other Spanish-speaking countries in addition to Mexico.

“We want to get more films from Spain, Argentina, Chile, Columbia,” he said.

In addition, live programming, music, sports and television shows also will be added.

By the end of the year, Butaca.tv will have more documentaries as well as some cooking shows that aired in Mexico and the United States, produced by Televisoras Grupo Pacifico, a regional Televisa affliate.

“We strongly believe that Butaca.tv is a big step forward in providing consumers quality Latin entertainment and along with the other online general market resources will eventually replace expensive subscription cable or satellite services,” Green said.

“When I miss an episode of ‘Lost,’ I can go to Hulu and watch it,” Green said. “When someone misses a telenovela, there’s nowhere to go.”

Green said he aims to make Butaca that same kind of destination for viewers.
Before Butaca.tv, the company had been offering its films on YouTube, where it garners 3 million video views a month, and Impremedia’s film site via Impre.com.

“It’s all about watching online,” Green said, adding that they have plans to be available through Internet connected televisions, GoogleTV and other online platforms.

While Butaca will continue to offer its films on YouTube and Impre.com, Butaca.tv will contain the most extensive library of titles.

“It’s important for us to launch our own brand,” Green said. “We want to do things on our site, so it’s really about syndication.”

Butaca.tv is the consumer facing brand for Veranda Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based company that has distributed Latin programming in the United States since 2005, through broadcast, home video, Internet and cable. Veranda represents prestigious film libraries in Mexico, including Cinematografica Rodriguez, home of the Pedro Infante Collection, distributed by Warner Home Video. Veranda’s other partners include The Walt Disney Co., Fox, HITN, Warner Bros. and various Televisa affiliates in Mexico.


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