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Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures — The Complete Series (DVD Review)

Mighty Mouse

By : John Latchem | Posted: 03 Jan 2010

Street 1/5/10
$46.99 three-DVD set
Not rated.

Animation legend Ralph Bakshi’s 1987-88 “Mighty Mouse” revival helped set the stage for the wave of zany animation of the 1990s and 2000s. It bears a remarkable visual resemblance to “Ren & Stimpy,” whose creator, John Kricfalusi, was one of the major contributors to “Mighty Mouse.”

With Bakshi seeking fresh ideas from young animators, the show served as a breeding ground for talent, giving rise to the likes of Andrew Stanton (Wall-E) and Bruce Timm (“Batman: The Animated Series”). The chronicle of the show’s place in animation history is presented in a fun retrospective on the DVD. Also discussed is the controversy surrounding the “Littlest Tramp” episode, in which some viewers alleged Mighty Mouse was snorting cocaine.

Another bonus is a set of three classic Terrytoons “Mighty Mouse” shorts, including an early tale featuring the character’s original name, Super Mouse. This is the first official DVD release of any of the classic “Mighty Mouse” shorts, which, given the cult status of the character and the quality of the featurette, will make this DVD quite appealing for fans.   


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