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home mini vs echo dot
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Google Home Mini Vs. Amazon Echo Dot

You can’t go anywhere without hearing about a virtual home assistant. These devices have revolutionized activities and tasks in the home and are found in homes throughout the world. From playing music, to ordering supplies the things these devices can do are amazing. They of course have their limits. They cannot create picture perfect organization in your home worthy of a Pinterest post. For that you will still need a professional organizer. However, organization and high function is easier to maintain thanks to the virtual home assistant. So which one should you get?

Earlier, the price was one of the considerations to compare devices from two companies. But today, the price cannot be considered as a measure since one company keeps their product price a little lower than the other or they just go hand in hand. Especially when you compare the products from companies like Amazon and Google then are usually on the line.

Even in this case, when we start comparing Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini, there is not much difference when we think of the price. The main reason behind this is, both the companies are ready to enter your home and they are desperate in entering into all kinds of device markets. In tech, there are many things going to happen in upcoming years and most importantly there will be competition in home automation devices and voice assistants.

What You Should Do

It is true that finally, you will end up buying one product from a company. But, before that, you can spend time in comparing similar products from different companies. You need to compare the digital assistance they are offering, their capabilities, and the hardware. Apart from this, you can compare the way they work and do things such as controlling other smart devices and playing music.

Moreover, there is one more thing you need to check before Amazon or Google. It is about who you trust when it comes to your data. Google is always behind making things attractive to its target users. Whereas, Amazon always thinks about your needs and it wants to get information about your life so that it can bring relevant products.

Google Home Mini vs Echo Dot The Hardware

  • Echo Dot from Amazon and Home Mini from Google are released in the almost same size. But, the latest release of Echo Dot is a little bit taller than Home Mini. Echo Dot is a gadget released in hockey puck shape. It comes with a fabric cover that covers it from the bottom and sides as well. if you look at Home Mini, it hides the touch-sensitive controls by a dome fabric.
  • Echo Dot is released in pleasant light gray, off-white, and dark gray colors. Google Mini is available in coral, charcoal, and chalk colors.
  • When it comes to connections, the barrel connector is used by Echo Dot for connecting to the power supply. Whereas, Home Mini you can use a USB power supply.
  • Full-time power supply connection is the need of both these devices
  • Both these devices can get power from any third-party battery dock
  • When it comes to location and space, both are highly flexible and they can get into any low profile fit

The smart speaker can be placed in the room of your choice. Even though you can place it in the room where you listen to music more often, you can place it in any location. Both these devices are good at receiving commands.

The mute button is present in both these devices and through this, you can easily disable the mute buttons. But, it is better to keep the mics active all the time since you can issue voice commands. In case if you have plans to use the mute button on a regular basis, then you should go for Echo Dot. The reason is, the button is available right at the top and it is convenient. In the case of Google Home Mini, they have placed the mute button on the backside. So, whenever you try to hold the device steady for operating this button it can alter the volume controls as well. This design is created thinking about seldom use of the mute button.

Both the speakers make you use their wake word. In the case of Amazon, it is Alexa and Hey Google is for Home Mini. In both cases, the voice command is sent to the cloud service and there it gets interpreted. For Google Home Mini you can also make use of ok Google command. In Amazon devices, there is an option to set the command of your preference. You are given more options like you can change the command to Computer, Echo, and Amazon.

Bottom Line

Both these devices offer another feature and that is about reviewing your history of commands. You can listen to the audios and commands which are picked by the speaker. If you wish, you can also delete the commands.

When it comes to digital assistants, there is a major difference between these two speakers, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Both these are evolving constantly and they are adding features on a regular basis. Hence the comparison will be on the current features and the evolution can change them anytime. Apart from these, when it comes to ordering commands, Amazon Alexa is the best choice. But when we consider other things like general search and even information updates, Google always leads. So, when we think about controlling other devices, they both are perfect and similar.