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We take a closer look at movies, TV shows and other programs on DVD and Blu-ray.

Reviews: May 6   6 May, 2007

This Week: Does the third season of 'Deadwood' continue the show's tradition of excellence?...More>>

<i>Deadwood: The Complete Third Season</i>
Reviews: May 13   13 May, 2007

This Week: Is Mel Gibson's 'Apocalypto' as engrossing as it is violent? Does 'American Pastime' hit...More>>

Reviews: May 20   20 May, 2007

This Week: Will 'Epic Movie' entertain? Does 'Hannibal Rising' live up to the reputation of its...More>>

<I>Epic Movie</I>
Reviews: May 27   27 May, 2007

This Week: Will viewers want to take a ride with 'The Derby Stallion'? Does 'Something to Cheer...More>>

<I>The Derby Stallion</I>
Reviews: June 3   3 Jun, 2007

This Week: Will comic book fans appreciate 'Ghost Rider'? Will viewers want to lose themselves in...More>>

<I>Ghost Rider</I>
Reviews: June 10   10 Jun, 2007

This Week: Is 'Bridge to Terabithia' worthy of its award-winning children's book? Will 'Reno 911!...More>>

<I>Bridge to Terabithia</I>
Reviews: June 17   17 Jun, 2007

This Week: Will audiences cry for 'Black Snake Moan'? Does the the first season of 'Powerpuff...More>>

<I>Black Snake Moan</I>
Reviews: June 24   24 Jun, 2007

This Week: Does 'The Host' cater to horror movie audiences? Will viewers want to take on 'Driving...More>>

<i>The Host</i>
Reviews: July 1   1 Jul, 2007

This Week: Does the DVD of family film 'The Last Mimzy' offer satisfying special features? Will...More>>

<I>The Last Mimzy</I>
Reviews: July 8   8 Jul, 2007

This Week: Does 'The Astronaut Farmer' fly as family viewing? Does 'Bickford Shmeckler&#39;s Cool...More>>

<i>The Astronaut Farmer</i>
Reviews: July 15   15 Jul, 2007

This Week: Should action afficionados track down 'Pathfinder'? Does Lionsgate&#39;s 'Slow Burn'...More>>

Reviews: July 22   22 Jul, 2007

This Week: Does Disney's 'Roving Mars' prove the existence of little green men? Will fans of Iraq...More>>

<i>Roving Mars</i>
Reviews: July 29   29 Jul, 2007

This Week: Is 'Wild Hogs' a wild ride? Is 'Elvis: The Hollywood Collection' a good pickup for fans?More>>

<I>Wild Hogs</I>
Reviews: August 5   5 Aug, 2007

This Week: Will the 'Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland Collection' entertain new audiences? Does 'God...More>>

<I>The Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland Collection: Ultimate CollectorÆs Edition</I>
Reviews: August 12   12 Aug, 2007

This Week: Will John Schneider's 'Collier & Co. &mdash; Hot Pursuit' live up to the spirit of 'The...More>>

<i>Collier & Co. ù Hot Pursuit</i>
Reviews: August 19   19 Aug, 2007

This Week: Do the DVD extras on 'Blades of Glory' make the cut? Would Geoffrey Wright's bloody...More>>

<I>Blades of Glory</I>
Reviews: August 26   26 Aug, 2007

This Week: Will audiences want to relive 'Kickin' It Old Skool'? Is Morgan Spurlock Presents&#39;...More>>

<i>Kickin' It Old Skool</i>
Eye of the Dolphin (DVD Review)   26 Aug, 2007

This film's effectiveness lies in its simplicity.More>>

Eye of the Dolphin
Reviews: September 2   2 Sep, 2007

This Week: Does 'Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee' due justice to the book? Will 'Chill Out,...More>>

<I>Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee</I>
Reviews: September 9   9 Sep, 2007

This Week: Does the 35th anniversary DVD of 'Deliverance' deliver the goods? Will fans of the...More>>