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We take a closer look at movies, TV shows and other programs on DVD and Blu-ray.

Reviews: April 30   30 Apr, 2006

This Week: Paul Walker in the brutal 'Running Scared,' Johnny Knoxville in 'The Ringer,' and a...More>>

<i>Running Scared</i>
Reviews: May 7   7 May, 2006

This Week: Television's 'Kolchak' is re-imagined in 'Night Stalker'; 'London' explores lost love.More>>

Reviews: March 14   14 May, 2006

This week: Jesus may be magic, but is Sarah Silverman? 'Dazed and Confused' goes special edition,...More>>

<i>Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic</i>
Reviews: May 21   21 May, 2006

This Week: The hills are alive, and deadly, in 'The Hills Have Eyes'; Thomas K. Arnold remembers...More>>

<i>The Hills Have Eyes</i>
Reviews: May 28   28 May, 2006

This Week: A wide range of documentaries in 'Docurama Film Festival I'; an immaculate new DVD...More>>

Docurama Film Festival I
Reviews: June 4   3 Jun, 2006

This Week: Amanda Bynes takes on Shakespeare in 'She's the Man'; Morgan Spurlock follows 'Super...More>>

<i>She's the Man</i>
Reviews: June 11   11 Jun, 2006

This Week: Try your hand at changing fate with 'Final Destination 3.'More>>

<i>Final Destination 3</i>
Reviews: June 18   18 Jun, 2006

This Week: Prepare for 'Superman Returns' with a look back at the history of the Man of Steel in...More>>

<i>Look, Up in the Sky!: The Amazing Story of Superman</i>
Reviews: June 25   25 Jun, 2006

This Week: 'The Second Chance'; Academy Award winner 'Tsotsi'; and 'Blackballed,' the definitive...More>>

Reviews: July 2   2 Jul, 2006

This Week: Will losers turn into winners in 'The Benchwarmers'?More>>

<i>The Benchwarmers</i>
Reviews: July 9   9 Jul, 2006

This week: Andy Garcia in 'The Lost City'; love runs amok in 'Kisses & Caroms'; Damon Wayans makes...More>>

<I>The Lost City</I>
Reviews: July 16   16 Jul, 2006

This Week: An HD DVD Road Test, and the superhero-parodying The Tick comes to DVD.More>>

<I>The Tick: The Belated 10th Anniversary Edition</I>
Fans Cheer First Glimpse of 'Superman II' Donner Footage   22 Jul, 2006

Surprise Comic-Con guest Richard Donner arrives to help introduce scenes from a new version of...More>>

L-R: Editor Michael Thau and director Richard Donner discuss the new DVD version of <i>Superman II.</i>
Reviews: July 23   23 Jul, 2006

This Week: The fourth installment of the 'Scary Movie' franchise in its unrated form; Laurence...More>>

<i>Scary Movie 4</i>
Reviews: July 30   30 Jul, 2006

This Week: Disney explores 'The Wild'; take a journey to ancient times with 'Rome: The Complete...More>>

<i>The Wild</i>
Reviews: August 6   6 Aug, 2006

This Week: Disney's new special-edition DVD of 'The Little Mermaid'; Genius and The Weinstein Co....More>>

<i>The Little Mermaid</i>
Reviews: August 13   13 Aug, 2006

This Week: Hugh Laurie sparkles in the second season of the TV hit 'House'; plus, how does 'Silent...More>>

<i>Silent Hill</i>
Reviews: August 20   20 Aug, 2006

This Week: Lionsgate presents 'Hard Candy.'More>>

<i>Hard Candy</i>
Reviews: August 27   27 Aug, 2006

This Week: Ed Norton raises the level of 'Down in the Valley'; the original 'Nightmare on Elm...More>>

<i>Down in the Valley</i>
Reviews: September 3   3 Sep, 2006

This Week: Director Terry Zwigoff says the new 'Director's Cut' of 'Bad Santa' is more truthful...More>>

<i>Bad Santa: Director's Cut</i>