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Reviews on documentaries new to DVD.

Town That Was, The (DVD Review)   7 May, 2009

Those who are intrigued by the story of Centralia should find the film informative, and 'The Town...More>>

Town That Was
Gods of Football: The Making of the 2009 Calendar (DVD Review)   8 May, 2009

Photographer and creative director Pedro Virgil takes viewers behind-the-scenes of a calendar shoot...More>>

Gods of Football
Top Secret Trial of the Third Reich, The (DVD Review)   13 May, 2009

'Top Secret Trial' focuses on the aftermath of the July 20 Plot, offering the original footage of...More>>

Top Secret Trial
Christa McAuliffe: Reach for the Stars (DVD Review)   14 May, 2009

Christa McAuliffe never reached the stars, but this DVD serves as a testament to her enduring...More>>

Christa McAuliffe
Standing With Stones (DVD Review)   15 May, 2009

With its sweeping photography of green British landscapes, this is a beautiful show to watch....More>>

Standing With Stones
Road to the Big Leagues (Rumbo a las Grandes Ligas) (DVD Review)   20 May, 2009

Other than the United States, the Dominican Republic produces more Major League baseball players...More>>

road to the big leagues
At the Death House Door (DVD Review)   23 May, 2009

'At the Death House Door' creates a stunning portrait of Carroll Pickett, who presided as the...More>>

At the Death House Door
Apollo 11: A Night to Remember (DVD Review)   30 May, 2009

Just in time for the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the BBC has re-created its...More>>

Apollo 11 BBC
Bluetopia: The L.A. Dodgers Movie (DVD Review)   2 Jun, 2009

'Bluetopia: The L.A. Dodgers Movie' is a celebration of the legacy of the team and a perfect...More>>

Reclaiming the Blade (DVD Review)   7 Jun, 2009

With its sense of tradition, 'Reclaiming the Blade' is a wonderful viewing choice not only for film...More>>

Reclaiming the Blade
Morning Light (Blu-ray Review)   8 Jun, 2009

The film is anchored by the type of stunning photography for which high-definition was made....More>>

Morning Light
Moon Machines (DVD Review)   9 Jun, 2009

Even the most-ardent space-enthusiast will likely find something new to learn with “Moon...More>>

Moon Machines
Audubon Video Guide to Butterflies Common & Endangered (DVD Review)   10 Jun, 2009

Mastervision’s 'Audubon Video Guide to Butterflies Common & Endangered' is an invaluable tool for...More>>

Our City Dreams (DVD Review)   18 Jun, 2009

Five women artists of different ages, cultures and backgrounds end up in New York City, where they...More>>

Our City Dreams
Muhammad Ali: In His Own Words (DVD Review)   19 Jun, 2009

Before becoming addled with Parkinson’s disease, boxing legend Muhammad Ali’s mind and vocal...More>>

RIP! -- A Remix Manifesto (DVD Review)   26 Jun, 2009

The film is a lot of fun. But its arguments bite off a bit more than they can chew. (Street Date...More>>

Time Warp: Season 1 (Blu-ray Review)   1 Jul, 2009

“Mythbusters” meets 'The Matrix' in the Discovery Channel series “Time Warp,” in which some...More>>

Time Warp
Earth Voice Food Choice (DVD Review)   4 Jul, 2009

'Earth Voice Food Choice' deals with the potential harm our food choices have on the environment....More>>

Earth Voice
For All Mankind (Blu-ray Review)   8 Jul, 2009

Since documentaries about the moon landing are pretty commonplace nowadays, the new supplements are...More>>

For All Mankind
Universe: The Complete Season Two, The (Blu-ray Review)   15 Jul, 2009

The brilliant CGI and visual storytelling in the 18 episodes of the second season is enough to...More>>

Universe Season 2