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DVD Reviews
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What to expect from home media entertainment DVDs.

American Zombie (DVD Review)   6 Jul, 2008

'American Zombie' is a new mockumentary that profiles a group of high-functioning zombies and their...More>>

American Zombie
Impact Point (DVD Review)   6 Jul, 2008

'Impact Point' is an entertaining distraction, as it contains a few twists and a decent performance...More>>

Impact Point
Chronicle of an Escape (DVD Review)   6 Jul, 2008

Utterly gripping and intense, 'Chronicle of an Escape' grabs the viewer's attention from the start...More>>

Chronicle of an Escape
When I Find the Ocean (DVD Review)   6 Jul, 2008

There's a really decent movie hidden somewhere inside 'When I Find the Ocean,' but unfortunately...More>>

When I Find the Ocean
Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert — The 3-D Movie (DVD Review)   6 Jul, 2008

There should be a great deal of pent-up demand for this title.More>>

Eon Kid: Season One Vol. One (DVD Review)   6 Jul, 2008

The show is probably a bit intense for the wee ones, but kids ranging from 5 to 10 should be...More>>

Eon Kid
Big Dreams Little Tokyo (DVD Review)   13 Jul, 2008

The filmmaker clearly has a lot on his mind as he explores themes surrounding the nature of...More>>

Little Tokyo
Down the Tracks: The Music That Influenced Bob Dylan (DVD Review)   13 Jul, 2008

This is a scholarly enterprise that also easily entertains, and is not only a find for Dylan fans,...More>>

Down the Tracks
Bra Boys (DVD Review)   13 Jul, 2008

The movie works best when director Sunny Abberton lets the surfers express themselves.More>>

Bra Boys
Death Valley (DVD Review)   13 Jul, 2008

'Death Valley' will not disappoint fans looking for a terrifying thriller — imagine 'Deliverance'...More>>

Death Valley
Brutal Massacre: A Comedy (DVD Review)   13 Jul, 2008

Following his 2004 debut horror film 'Malevolence,' writer-director Mena shows his comedic side...More>>

Brutal Massacre
Step Up 2 The Streets (DVD Review)   13 Jul, 2008

'Step Up 2' is really a one-trick pony — a series of dance performances disguised as a movie.More>>

Step Up 2
Picture This (DVD Review)   13 Jul, 2008

'Picture This' is a cute, if familiar, little confection that features a couple of appealing...More>>

Picture This
Y.M.I. (DVD Review)   13 Jul, 2008

Veteran actor Marek Probosz's directing and writing debut examines three Goth teens driving through...More>>

TV Funhouse (DVD Review)   20 Jul, 2008

Viewers who have a taste for edgy comedy should grab this DVD along with the 'Best of Triumph the...More>>

TV Funhouse
Puppy Plays the Classics (DVD Review)   20 Jul, 2008

Pretty much everybody loves puppies, so unless you're fighting the “Can I have a puppy?” battle...More>>

Puppy Play
Cool School, The (DVD Review)   20 Jul, 2008

Narrated by Jeff Bridges, the film has a slick, appropriately artsy style, punctuated and even...More>>

Cool School
Young & Restless in China (DVD Review)   20 Jul, 2008

'Young & Restless in China' is an eye-opening journey for its similarities and contrasts to...More>>

Young & Restless in China
21 Up South Africa: Mandela's Children (DVD Review)   20 Jul, 2008

While the personal stories are compelling, so too is the impact technology (Internet and mobile...More>>

21 Up SA
Disfigured (DVD Review)   20 Jul, 2008

Those interested in trail-blazing independent dramas will find 'Disfigured' riveting.More>>