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DVD Reviews
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What to expect from home media entertainment DVDs.

305 (DVD Review)   29 Jun, 2008

This expansion of a YouTube parody is one skit that just goes on too long.More>>

Vantage Point (DVD Review)   29 Jun, 2008

The script twists and turns to fill story holes with new contrivances, leaving viewers waiting for...More>>

Vantage Point
Raw Spice: The Unofficial Story of the Making of the Spice Girls (DVD Review)   29 Jun, 2008

A breezy, compelling and nothing-less-than-consistently amusing pop music chronicle.More>>

Raw Spice
Buds for Life (DVD Review)   29 Jun, 2008

'Buds for Life' is not without its surprising charms.More>>

Buds For Life
BoxBoarders! (DVD Review)   29 Jun, 2008

Less plot-driven than it is a collection of gags interspersed with boxboarding footage, the film is...More>>

Chop Shop (DVD Review)   29 Jun, 2008

Those who enjoyed 'City of God' and 'Raising Victor Vargas' will enjoy the gritty reality of 'Chop...More>>

Chop Shop
Neil Diamond: The Thank You Australia Concert — Live 1976 (DVD Review)   29 Jun, 2008

Whether or not Diamond floats your boat, his form of rock poetry enjoys big meaning for his legions...More>>

Neil Diamond
Yankee Stadium: Baseball’s Cathedral (DVD Review)   22 Jun, 2008

This is the story of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle and Thurman Munson. The...More>>

Yankee Stadium
Spiderwick Chronicles, The (DVD Review)   22 Jun, 2008

<b>Kid's View:</b> 'The Spiderwick Chronicles' isn’t your average fantasy movie.More>>

Baby Blues (DVD Review)   22 Jun, 2008

'Baby Blues' is an unsettling journey down the road of insanity that is perfect for fans of...More>>

Baby Blues
64 Zoo Lane (DVD Review)   22 Jun, 2008

In today's world of short-attention span computer-generated cartoons, it's nice to see the...More>>

64 Zoo Lane
Alice Upside Down: The Movie (DVD Review)   22 Jun, 2008

'Alice Upside Down' is a surprisingly un-sugarcoated look at the ups and downs of early adolescence...More>>

Alice Upside Down
Towards Darkness (DVD Review)   22 Jun, 2008

'Towards Darkness' is an issue-conscious piece, akin to Steven Soderbergh's drug war epic...More>>

Towards Darkness
Turn the River (DVD Review)   22 Jun, 2008

Fans of moody, character-driven dramas such as 'Before the Devil Knows You're Dead' or 'The...More>>

Turn the River
Finishing the Game (DVD Review)   15 Jun, 2008

Director Justin Lin certainly has good intentions and scores a few laughs in this fictional...More>>

Finishing the Game
Room 314 (DVD Review)   15 Jun, 2008

'Room 314' is interesting both for the stories that it tells and the way in which it tells them.More>>

Room 314
On the Doll (DVD Review)   15 Jun, 2008

Fans of the 'Crash,' 'Babel' and '21 Grams' school of intersecting plots will find a lot to grasp...More>>

On the Doll
Year My Parents Went on Vacation, The (DVD Review)   15 Jun, 2008

'The Year My Parents Went on Vacation' leaves the taste of heartbreak on your tongue along with the...More>>

Year my parents went on vacation
Dark Heart (DVD Review)   15 Jun, 2008

Angry mill workers, an Iraqi war veteran and a possible fortune come together in writer-director...More>>

Dark Heart
Trapped Ashes (DVD Review)   15 Jun, 2008

With solid acting and filmmaking throughout, as well as some imaginative special effects,...More>>

Trapped Ashes