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‘Zombieland’ Takes Over the Charts   10 Feb, 2010

The horror comedy <i>Zombieland</i>, fresh off a $75.6 million box office run, chomped its way to...More>>

‘Yogi Bear’ Camps Out on Top   30 Mar, 2011

Warner Home Video’s family friendly 'Yogi Bear' topped the national home video sales chart the...More>>

Yogi Bear
‘X-Men’ Tops Sales Chart Again, ‘Ghosts’ Floats to Top of Rental Chart   30 Sep, 2009

X marks the spot, again. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment’s <i>X-Men Origins: Wolverine</i>...More>>

‘X-Men’ Goes to the Head of the ‘Class’; ‘Paul’ Tops Rentals   14 Sep, 2011

With the critical fourth quarter just weeks away, studios are starting to roll out some of the big...More>>

X-Men: First Class
‘Wolverine’ Slashes Up the Charts   23 Sep, 2009

<i>X-Men Origins: Wolverine</i> debuted at No. 1 on all three national home video charts the week...More>>

<i>X-Men Origins: Wolverine</i>
‘Wall-E’ Sweeps Up Sales   27 Nov, 2008

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment’s 'Wall-E' was the top seller and No. 2 renter on the home...More>>

‘Up’ Floats to Top of Sales Charts   18 Nov, 2009

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment's latest Pixar epic, <i>Up,</i> soared to the top of the DVD...More>>

Disney/Pixar's <i>Up</i>
‘Twilight’ Still Falls Into Top Sales Spot   1 Apr, 2009

Summit Entertainment’s <i>Twilight</i> remained the top home video seller the week ended March...More>>

‘True Grit’ Shows Mettle   22 Jun, 2011

Paramount Home Entertainment’s 'True Grit' lived up to its name, hanging onto the No. 1 spot on...More>>

True Grit
‘True Grit’ Shoots to the Top   15 Jun, 2011

Paramount Home Entertainment rode off into the sunset as the big winner once again, as the Coen...More>>

'True Grit'
‘True Blood’ Infuses Sales Chart   8 Jun, 2011

HBO Home Entertainment topped both national home video sales charts the week ended June 5 with the...More>>

‘True Blood’ Draws Top Sales Spots   2 Jun, 2010

Vampire-mania reared its bloody head on disc last week, as HBO’s season-two set of “True...More>>

‘Tron’ Commands the Charts   13 Apr, 2011

In a three-way race between newly released theatrical sequels, it was 'Tron: Legacy' by a mile.More>>

Tron: Legacy
‘Transformers’ Conquers Sales and Rental Charts   5 Oct, 2011

As expected, 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' stormed to the top of the national home video charts...More>>

Transformers: Dark of the Moon
‘Transformers 2’ Tops Charts, is Top-Selling Title of the Year   28 Oct, 2009

As expected, <i>Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen</i>, the year’s No. 1 movie, gave the home...More>>

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
‘Toy Story 3’ Plays to No. 1   10 Nov, 2010

<i>Toy Story 3</i> was the big winner on home video the week ended Nov. 7, as the latest...More>>

Toy Story 3
‘Toy Story 3’ Outplays ‘Grown Ups’   17 Nov, 2010

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment’s <i>Toy Story 3</i> remained the top-selling DVD and...More>>

<i>Toy Story 3</i>
‘Toy Story 3,’ ‘Expendables’ Emerge   1 Dec, 2010

The Black Friday disc-buying frenzy, fueled by major chains such as Walmart and Best Buy selling...More>>

Toy Story 3
‘Tinker Bell’ Works Magic on DVD   6 Nov, 2008

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment's 'Tinker Bell' took the top spot on the sales chart the...More>>

Tinker Bell
‘Thor’ Ascends to Top of Sales, Rental Charts   21 Sep, 2011

All but one of the 10 top-selling discs on the Nielsen VideoScan First Alert sales chart for the...More>>