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Merchandising research news.

Retailers Ride Deep Discounts to End 2015   29 Dec, 2015

Merchandising: With 2015 coming to a close, the new releases of the final week of the year went...More>>

'Hitman: Agent 47' promotional image in Best Buy circular
'Star Wars' Preorders Are Already Here … With Free Posters!   22 Dec, 2015

Merchandising: 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' was barely in theaters before retailers started...More>>

'Force Awakens' preorder kit (left) and display at Best Buy
Quadruple the Retail Fun   15 Dec, 2015

Merchandising: With the holiday shopping season picking up, four big titles hit retail Dec. 15 and...More>>

Walmart's 'Ted 2' gift set
'Minions' Take Over Retail, But 'Ant-Man' Looms Large   8 Dec, 2015

Merchandising: It comes as little surprise that Universal's 'Minions' and Marvel's 'Ant-Man' would...More>>

'Minions' Exclusives: Target's metal case, Walmart's water bottle set, Best Buy's lunchbag
Steelbooks Kick Off December Shopping Season   1 Dec, 2015

Merchandising: The last month of the year begins with a light slate of new releases, but big...More>>

Best Buy's upcoming 'Fantastic Four' steelbook Blu-ray
A 'Sheep'-ish Week for Newcomers   24 Nov, 2015

Merchandising: Heading into the Thanksgiving weekend, studios didn't put many major new titles out...More>>

'Hunger Games' Joins the 'Battlefront'   17 Nov, 2015

Merchandising: A new promotion at Best Buy offered $8 movie coupons for 'The Hunger Games:...More>>

The Hunger Games
Finding a 'Terminator' Among a 'Trainwreck'   10 Nov, 2015

Merchandising: Retailers Nov. 10 doubled down with exclusives for Paramount's 'Terminator: Genisys'...More>>

Best Buy's and Target's 'Terminator: Genisys' covers
Retailers Turn Goodies 'Inside Out'    3 Nov, 2015

Merchandising: Disney's 'Inside Out' arrived at retail Nov. 3 with several exclusives.More>>

Retailers Press Play on 'Pixels'   27 Oct, 2015

Merchandising: Sony Pictures' video game comedy 'Pixels' came with special box art at Target and...More>>

Target's 'Pixels' Blu-ray covers
Digging Up 'Jurassic' Exclusives   20 Oct, 2015

Merchandising: It came as no surprise that Universal's 'Jurassic World' would arrive at retail with...More>>

Walmart's 'Jurassic World' lunchbox
Special Covers for 'San Andreas,' 'Aladdin'   13 Oct, 2015

Merchandising: The big exclusives for the Oct. 13 new releases centered on special Blu-ray...More>>

Perking Up the 'Avengers'   6 Oct, 2015

Merchandising: Special add-ons for 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' led the list of retail exclusives...More>>

Best Buy's 'Avengers' Steelbooks
A 'Spy' for Some Good Deals   29 Sep, 2015

Merchandising: Several new releases Sept. 29 were connected with discount offers at various...More>>

Walmart's two-pack of 'Spy' and 'The Heat'
Retailers Offering 'Pitch Perfect' Exclusives   22 Sep, 2015

Merchandising: Fans of Universal's 'Pitch Perfect 2' had plenty of options for picking up the DVD...More>>

Walmart's 'Pitch Perfect 2' gift set
'Furious 7,' 'Cinderella' Provide Retail Opportunities   15 Sep, 2015

Merchandising: Retailers had some good choices to offer exclusives to consumers Sept. 15 in the...More>>

Walmart's exclusive 'Furious 7' Blu-ray
Exclusives for 'Gotham,' 'Barbie'   8 Sep, 2015

Merchandising: Retailers Sept. 8 brought out exclusive offers for Warner's 'Gotham: The Complete...More>>

Target's 'Gotham' Steelbook
Taking a 'Fury Road' to Exclusive-Town   1 Sep, 2015

Merchandising: Warner's 'Mad Max: Fury Road' drew the most retail attention Sept. 1, which isn't...More>>

Best Buy's 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Blu-ray steelbook
Living for 'Dead' Exclusives   25 Aug, 2015

Merchandising: Another season of "The Walking Dead" on disc means more retailer exclusives for the...More>>

Best Buy's 'Walking Dead' Season 5 Cover
Unique Partnerships Fuel 'Furious,' 'Star Wars' Marketing   25 Aug, 2015

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has teamed with crowd-sourcing navigation app Waze to promote...More>>

Target's 'Share the Force' Galaxy