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Unpacking the Baggage of 'Passengers'   13 Mar, 2017

Many critics have dismissed 'Passengers' for plot twists they consider morally reprehensible, but...More>>

Packaging Options for Disney's 'Moana'    7 Mar, 2017

Merchandising: A couple of retailers offered exclusive packaging for the Blu-ray edition of...More>>

(L-R): Best Buy's 'Moana' Steelbook and Target's 'Moana' storybook Blu-rays
Some 'Strange' Exclusives   28 Feb, 2017

Merchandising: Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' came to home video Feb. 28 with a few retailer exclusives.More>>

Best Buy's 'Doctor Strange' Steelbooks
Best Buy Has Exclusive 'Bad Santa 2' Ultra HD Blu-ray   21 Feb, 2017

Merchandising: The first title for which a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray edition was leveraged as a retail...More>>

Best Buy's 'Bad Santa 2' UHD and Target's 'Hacksaw Ridge' Blu-ray Steelbook
'Thomas & Friends' Extraordinary Exclusive   14 Feb, 2017

Merchandising: Walmart offered an exclusive DVD two-pack of 'Thomas & Friends: Extraordinary...More>>

Walmart's 'Thomas & Friends' Two-Pack
'Justice League' Takes on 'Trolls' in Exclusives Battle   7 Feb, 2017

Merchandising: DreamWorks Animation's 'Trolls,' distributed by Fox, and Warner's 'Justice League...More>>

Target's 'Trolls' box art
Exclusive Packaging for 'Pinocchio'   31 Jan, 2017

Merchandising: A couple of retailers offered exclusive packaging for Disney's new 'Pinocchio:...More>>

Best Buy and Target 'Pinocchio' exclusives, Best Buy 'Jack Reacher Never Go Back' Steelbook
'Inferno' Fans the Retail Flames   24 Jan, 2017

Merchandising: Sony Pictures' 'Inferno,' the third movie adaptation of the Robert Langdon mystery...More>>

Best Buy's 'Inferno' Steelbook and Walmart's Langdon trilogy DVD
'Surf's Up' Sequel Figures Into Promotional Plans   17 Jan, 2017

Merchandising: Walmart offered a gift set for Sony Pictures' 'Surf's Up 2' DVD.More>>

Walmart's 'Surf's Up 2' with WWE figure
'Deepwater' in Steel   10 Jan, 2017

Merchandising: Lionsgate's 'Deepwater Horizon' had the most notable retailer exclusive among the...More>>

Target's 'Deepwater Horizon' Steelbook Blu-ray
Notable But Low-Impact Titles Kick Off 2017 Retail Slate   3 Jan, 2017

Merchandising: The new home video releases the first week of 2017 didn't receive much fanfare at...More>>

Retailers Wrapping Up 2016   27 Dec, 2016

Merchandising: The last week of 2016 didn't offer anything unusual, with most retailers focused...More>>

To Me, She's Royalty   27 Dec, 2016

Reflecting on the impact of "Star Wars" icon Carrie Fisher, who passed away Dec. 27.More>>

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in 'Star Wars'
Some 'Magnificent' Exclusives   20 Dec, 2016

Merchandising: Sony Pictures' 'The Magnificent Seven' was the only major new release Dec. 20 with...More>>

Best Buy's 'The Magnificent Seven' Steelbook UHD Blu-ray
A 'Squad' of Exclusives   13 Dec, 2016

Merchandising: There were plenty of retailer exclusives available for Warner's 'Suicide Squad' Dec....More>>

Amazon's 'Suicide Squad' with Harley Quinn figurine
The Secret Life of Retail Exclusives   6 Dec, 2016

Merchandising: Retailers broke out the welcome mat for Universal's 'The Secret Life of Pets' and...More>>

Target's 'The Secret Life of Pets' décor pack Blu-ray and Walmart's 'Jason Bourne' deluxe Blu-ray photo packaging
'Pete's Dragon,' 'BFG' Unleashed at Retail After Busy Shopping Weekend   29 Nov, 2016

Merchandising: Retailers didn't give much attention to the new releases Nov. 29 in light of...More>>

Bringing Home the 'Dogs'   22 Nov, 2016

Merchandising: In the lead-up to Black Friday, retailers went light on exclusives despite a healthy...More>>

Target's 'War Dogs' Blu-ray Steelbook
Finding 'Dory' Among the 'Thrones'   15 Nov, 2016

Merchandising: Retailers showed some big support for Disney's 'Finding Dory' and HBO's 'Game of...More>>

Best Buy's 'Game of Thrones: Season 6' and Target's 'Finding Dory' Steelbooks
Retailers Hold a 'Sausage Party'   8 Nov, 2016

Merchandising: Sony Pictures' 'Sausage Party' presented a few options for retail exclusives Nov. 8.More>>

Target's 'Sausage Party' Steelbook Blu-ray