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New Releases: April 13, 2010

Theatrical and Direct-to-Video

Pirate Radio (Universal, DVD and Blu-ray)
Tenderness (Lionsgate, DVD)
Defendor (Sony Pictures, DVD)
The Slammin’ Salmon (Anchor Bay, DVD and Blu-ray)
Haunted (Phase 4, DVD)
The Madeline Movie: Lost in Paris (Shout! Factory, DVD)
Creature of Darkness (MTI, DVD)
Storm Seekers (Image, DVD)
Tenure (DVD)
The Indomitable Teddy Roosevelt (Reality, DVD)
Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy (Victory Multimedia, DVD)
Plunder: The Crime of Our Time (Disinformation, DVD)
Crimes of the Past (Osiris, DVD)


Apollo 13: 15th Anniversary Edition (Universal, Blu-ray)
The Great Mouse Detective: Mystery in the Mist Edition (Disney, DVD)
A Nightmare on Elm Street (Warner, Blu-ray)
Gone With the Wind: Scarlett Edition (Warner, Blu-ray)
The Best Man (MGM, CreateSpace DVD)
Essential Arthouse: Kapo (Criterion, DVD)
Essential Arthouse: 8 1/2 (Criterion, DVD)


Dallas: Season 13 (Warner, DVD)
Emergency! Season 6 (Universal, DVD)
Alias Smith And Jones: Seasons 2&3 (Timeless, DVD)
Dora the Explorer: Explore the Earth (Paramount/Nickelodeon, DVD)
Tom and Jerry Tales: Season 1 (Warner, DVD)
The Official Inauguration Celebration (HBO, DVD)
Riddles of the Sphinx (PBS, DVD)
Gospel Calling: Mahalia Jackson Sings (Infinity, DVD)

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