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Horror DVD 'Laid to Rest' a Fun Ride for Filmmakers and Audiences Alike

17 Apr, 2009 By: Kyra Kudick

Laid to Rest

A new generation of masked mayhem begins April 21 when Anchor Bay Entertainment releases Laid to Rest direct to DVD at $26.97.

The film is the sophomore directorial effort of special effects makeup master Robert Hall, known for his work on projects such as Quarantine and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

Hall’s directorial debut was the critically acclaimed Lightning Bug, which he describes as “a drama for horror fans.” But he said his foray into making horror films was inevitable.

“Horror is my life,” he said.

Laid to Rest tells the tale of a young girl (played by Bobbi Sue Luther) who wakes up in a casket with amnesia and discovers she has been kidnapped by a maniac in a metal mask named ChromeSkull. He is determined to finish his masterpiece homage to 1980s slasher films by viciously slaughtering her on video.

“It’s a love letter to the ’80s slasher films, without all the exposition on why he (ChromeSkull) does what he does,” Hall said.

Luther (who is also a co-producer) said she hopes audiences are pleasantly surprised with their efforts.

“It is a really fun slasher movie — a fun ride,” she said.

That ride is enhanced because the film was made for video and not for theaters.

“I was freed as a filmmaker to not worry about the daunting fangs of the MPAA,” Hall said, adding he was able to create an “unflinching vision of graphic carnage.”

“The stigma of DTV doesn’t exist anymore,” he said. “That’s where movies like this live.”

And because home entertainment is where horror lives, Luther said, “It is important to have a DVD with lots of special features.”

She said they filmed behind-the-scenes footage from the onset and wanted to make special features for people who are interested in the entire filming process. Her personal favorite bonus feature is “Torture: The SFX of Laid to Rest,” which details how the special effects are created.

Hall said his favorite featurette is “Post Mortem: The Making of Laid to Rest.”

“It shows how we pulled it off with friends, favors and duct tape and super glue,” he said laughing.

Additional bonus features include an audio commentary with both Hall and Luther, as well as deleted scenes and bloopers.

Hall said he is just getting started making horror movies — “more dark material is coming.”

Audiences, get ready.

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