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Violet Tendencies (DVD Review)

28 Apr, 2011 By: Ashley Ratcliff

Prebook 5/3/11; Street 5/24/11
Breaking Glass
Box Office $0.005 million
$24.99 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Mindy Cohn, Marcus Patrick, Jesse Archer.

Although surrounded by her adoring friends, “fag hag” Violet (Mindy Cohn) is ready to find a more meaningful kind of love.

Violet’s dismal love life consists of nightly chats with assorted men on dating phone line Frisky Friends as she eats peanut butter from the jar by the spoonful. But when it comes time to meet her suitors face to face, they bail within moments, leaving Violet wondering, “What’s wrong with me?”

Because the most important people in her life are gay, her friends come to the conclusion that what Violet needs is a “fag stag” — a straight man who’s comfortable hanging out with gays. She feels she may have better luck finding a needle in a haystack than securing this mythical creature.

Taking advice from her dating-guru co-worker, Salome (Kim Allen), Violet distances herself from her friends and gives a straight-laced Frisky Friends match a chance. Vern (Armand Anthony) may be a little square, but his intentions are good. As the two get deep into courtship, Violet evades her friends, who rely on her as a comforter and confidant.

Married couple Riley (Samuel Whitten) and Markus (Casper Andreas) are on two different pages about adoption and parenthood. Promiscuous Luke (Jesse Archer) loves hookup partner Darian (Adrian Armas), but just can’t keep “it” in his pants. Zeus (Marcus Patrick), an HIV-positive go-go dancer, is working to change the stigma associated with having the disease.

Like some of its characters, Violet Tendencies at times is a little much, from the wild sex parties and “biss”-stained textiles (don’t ask) to bawdy references to the female anatomy. Its saving graces, though, are the snarky one-liners, dazzling views of New York City and Cohn’s on-screen finesse, as she is perfect in the role and, thankfully, doesn’t channel her “Facts of Life” character, Natalie.

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