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Trouble With Romance, The (DVD Review)

6 Mar, 2010 By: John Latchem

Prebook 3/9/10; Street 3/30/10
Breaking Glass
$24.99 DVD
Not rated.
Stars David Eigenberg, Josie Davis, Kip Pardue, Jennifer Siebel, Sheetal Sheth, Jordan Belfi, Roger Fan, Emily Liu.

Pontifications about the complexities of love are always good fodder for movies. The Trouble With Romance offers a light-hearted take on sex, relationships and the many obstacles that often impede the progress of bringing people together.

The film tells four separate stories taking place on the same night in the same hotel, like Four Rooms but not as desperate for attention. The storylines don’t converge, but there are a few moments of crossover in which characters from another vignette appear briefly in the background.

In the first, a woman (Jennifer Siebel) having a one-night stand begins having visions of her ex-boyfriend and starts to carry on a conversation with the hallucination. In the second, a wife (Josie Davis of “Charles in Charge”) suggests a ménage a trois to her husband (David Eigenberg of “Sex and the City”), only to invite a woman with whom the husband already had an affair.

The third story focuses on an Asian couple (Roger Fan and Emily Liu) who break up just as the guy is about to propose because she thinks he favors his friends over her, and for being a dumbass in general. In the finale, a lonely guy (Jordan Belfi of “Entourage”) hires a call girl (Sheetal Sheth), then starts to fall for her after engaging her in normal conversation.

The tone ranges from sweet to obnoxious, running the gamut from dialogue that is sometimes insightful to other moments plagued by timid attempts at raunch. Fortunately, the film doesn’t try to complicate its own relationship with the audience by being too deep or wearing out its welcome.

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