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Men for Sale (DVD Review)

25 Aug, 2010 By: Angelique Flores

Street 8/31/10
Breaking Glass
$24.99 DVD
Not rated.

In a small section of Montreal exists an underworld of young men working as prostitutes. This documentary offers an intimate portrait of these men and the work they do.

Through interviews with more than half a dozen men in their 20s, the film paints a revealing, if grim, picture of what life is like for them and how some got there. The details are so personal that one almost feels like a voyeur hearing the heartbreaking stories of their tragic childhood and the sordid stories of the tricks they turn.

They talk about their first encounters, the things they’ve been asked to do, the things they refuse to do and so much more. One man started as young as 12, eager to make a quick buck.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, this world of prostitution seems closely intertwined with drugs and violence. Many start prostituting themselves to get easy money for drugs, and some continue the drugs to forget about their dismal lives.

Most say they are not gay and prostitute themselves only to obtain money for drugs. Several express wanting to quit everything and clean up but can’t seem to break the vicious cycle.

These men are young, but they look much older than their years. Their lifestyle has taken a toll on their bodies and their spirit. Many come from a childhood of physical abuse or sexual abuse, and they see the connection between those incidents and their lives now.

Over the course of the year, you can see some of these men’s physical conditions deteriorated due to the drugs and their lives continuing on a downward spiral. There’s no Hollywood ending, no sense of hope for these men. The film’s ending is just as bleak as its beginning.

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