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iCrime (DVD Review)

3 Sep, 2011 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Prebook 9/6/11; Street 9/27/11
Breaking Glass
$24.99 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Sara Fletcher, Travis Brorsen, Kelly Noonan.

On the surface, independent thriller iCrime, a first-time effort from writer-director Bears Fonté, has the look of an audition tape featuring a cast of attractive eye candy — many of whom are destined to stay that way.

Lead Sara Fletcher isn’t one of them. Fletcher (“Secret Girlfriend”) plays street-smart Carrie, who has come to L.A. from the Midwest to save her cousin Stefy (Kelly Noonan), a former Miss Oklahoma, from an incriminating bondage video a tabloid blogger, Evelyn Echo (Katherine Randolph — the second reason to watch this movie), threatens to put online.

In return for Echo’s cooperation and money, Carrie says she can expose as fraudulent a hostage video of an online reality star (Leah McKendrick echoing Tila Tequila) that has become a social media phenomenon.

Throughout the sleuthing, Carrie apparently exists on cigarettes, booze and popsicles (but she also jogs) as she weaves her way through a maze of club scenes, parties and underground grunge band gigs — amazingly avoiding spiked drinks, drunken come-ons and related Sunset Boulevard carnage.

Carrie also ignores repeated sage advice from Zeffer (Travis Brorsen), a friendly wannabe actor (“Did you catch my line on CSI?”) who claims to have a dad in the business, yet has a day job collecting shopping carts at a local supermarket instead of the requisite gig waiting tables.

While the plotline involving the online fraud seems beneath Carrie’s intellect and almost irrelevant to the viewer, Fonté does impress with a smattering of insightful lines underscoring the vacuous appeal and ultimate distrust that is Hollywood.

In the end, however, a star (Fletcher) is born.

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