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Borders to Bow Tween Sections

21 Jul, 2009 By: Billy Gil

Borders Group is launching a department to cater to tweens and teens, with books by such hot authors as Stephenie Meyer (the “Twilight” series) along with related merchandise, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Dubbed the Borders Ink shops, the new sections will be available in 80% to 90% of Borders’ 513 superstores by the end of August. They will stock graphic novels, as well as fantasy and young-adult titles such as books by Sarah Dessen, whose novels That Summer and Someone Like You helped form the basis for Mandy Moore’s 2003 film How to Deal (on DVD from Warner/New Line).

The mini-shops will often take the place formerly held by CD and DVD/Blu-ray, the WSJ reported. A Borders representative said the mini-shops would not carry DVD/Blu-ray but that Borders may look at opportunities to cross promote packaged media in the teen shops.

“We want this to be about more than just the book,” said Kathryn Popoff, VP of merchandising/trade books at Borders, according to WSJ.

Twilight, the film based on Meyer’s novel, was released on DVD in March by Summit Home Entertainment and is the No. 1 DVD of the year thus far, according to Home Media Research.

Borders reports its second-quarter financial results Aug. 25.

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