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Filmic Art: Baroque Motion Vol. One/Surrealist Motion Vol. One

By John Latchem | Posted: 25 Jan 2009

Prebook 1/27/09; Street 2/24/09
Special Interest
$34.95 each Blu-ray.

Designed to transform an HDTV into an art display, these discs provide about an hour of content each, consisting of several chapters of slow-moving scenes.

Surrealist Motion offers some eye-popping CG images, such as churches drifting into a sky, or an eye staring over a vast desert.

The Baroque disc shows off slow-motion scenes inspired by 17th century art motifs. Many of them involve people posing for a portrait, with occasional interludes of them mugging for the camera.

The discs performed as advertised, but considering the limitations of the content, the $34.95 price tag seems a bit steep.

I found the Surrealist disc a bit more visually appealing and a bit better for showing off an HDTV. But the Baroque video is available for those with differing tastes.

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