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Universal to Bow Blu-ray Double Features

30 Mar, 2010 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Universal Studios Home Entertainment May 11 will begin offering retailers genre-based catalog double features on Blu-ray Disc for $34.98 each.

The studio, which recently introduced a “flipper disc” with a BD title on one side and DVD on the other, will release nine two-Pack combos, including U-571/Waterworld; The Strangers/The Thing; The Rundown/Spy Game; Jarhead/Friday Night Lights; Inside Man/Children of Men; Hulk/Doom; Fletch/Bruce Almighty; Doomsday/End of Days; and Dawn of the Dead/Land of the Dead.

The current combos feature separate discs and packaging that are “belly banded” together.

Paramount Home Entertainment last year rolled out a series of two-Pack Blu-ray titles for $44.99 each, including Next/Face Off; Clear and Present Danger/The Hunt for Red October; Coming to America/Trading Places; Payback/We Were Soldiers; Mission Impossible/M:I 2; Patriot Games/The Sum of All Fears; Sahara/Failure to Launch; and Hustle & Flow/Black Snake Moan, among others.

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