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Sony Slapped with Blu-ray Patent Suit

3 Sep, 2008 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Sony Corp. has been served with a second lawsuit alleging the Japanese consumer electronics giant infringed upon the copyright (patent number 5,438,560) of a third company regarding optical disc recording.

The patent infringement suit, filed Aug. 20 in Texas Eastern Federal District Court by Mountain View, Calif.-based Orinda Intellectual Properties USA, seeks a jury trial, injunction against sales of PlayStation 3 and related Blu-ray Disc players, and a “reasonable royalty” payment.

"Orinda has been and will continue to be damaged as a result of defendants' infringing conduct," Orinda said in the filing. "Defendants' infringing conduct will continue unless permanently enjoined by this court."

Representatives from Sony and Orinda were not immediately available for comment.

Target Technology last year reportedly sued Sony regarding Blu-ray technology infringements. The case was later dismissed.

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