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Report: 12 Million Standalone Blu-ray Players to Ship in 2009

17 Apr, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey

Blu-ray Disc

For two years running, the industry has kept a close eye on the fourth quarter, in terms of Blu-ray Disc player penetration.

Now Futuresource Consulting is saying that with the combination of lower pricing and higher demand, Q4 2009 will be the one to watch. The firm is predicting nearly 12 million standalone Blu-ray players will ship this year.

“In last year’s crucial Q4 period, 3 million BD players were shipped globally, which represented more than 50% of the total for the year. And the trend is continuing, with our projections showing shipments for Q1 2009 will reach 1.2 million units, significantly up from Q1 2008,” said Jack Wetherill, research consultant at Futuresource.

The firm is estimating 6 million standalone Blu-ray players will ship during the fourth quarter of 2009 alone.
“Sales of HD-capable LCD and plasma TVs, and continued dramatic reductions in BD player prices, also continue to fuel interest,” Wetherill said. “In the last quarter of 2008, average retail prices for standalone Blu-ray players fell by 15% in most major markets, and we’re going to see them fall by another 25% during the course of this year.

“Add to that the raft of movie titles being issued on Blu-ray — more than 1,100 at the end of last year, on track to more than double this year — coupled with the increase in promotional activity and the continued benefit of growing PS3 ownership, and we’ll see Blu-ray continue to gather momentum in all major markets across the globe.”

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