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MVD Gets Blu

By Chris Tribbey | Posted: 08 Oct 2008

Another independent is coming off the Blu-ray Disc sidelines.

MVD Entertainment Group will street three titles on the format Oct. 28, with plans for more in 2009.

“Blu-ray is a sexy format, and MVD is proud to be launching its first products,” said MVD COO Ed Seaman. “We understand that fans and collectors want to see their favorite film, artist or program in its best possible light, and we are happy to fulfill this need and add some intriguing content and diversity into the mix.”

At $19.95 each are Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter and Blackalicious: 420 Live in Seattle. Cannibal Taboo will have an SRP of $24.95.

JC Vampire Hunter is especially exciting to us; we restored it from the 16mm original,” Seaman said. “It looks like a whole new film. I noticed significant details I never saw before, like automobile logos and grains of sand.”

In early 2009 MVD will give the Reggae film Rockers the 30th anniversary treatment on Blu-ray.

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