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Giant Interactive Launches BD-Connect

2 Nov, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey

Los Angeles-based Giant Interactive officially launches its BD Live software BD-Connect in the United States Nov. 2. Owners of two TV series already have been able to check out what it does.

In mid-October, Giant sent production crews to a national forensics conference in Las Vegas and Denver, and covered them for the Blu-ray releases of “CSI.” Owners of the first and most recent “CSI” seasons on Blu-ray now can access the coverage via BD Live. Paramount Home Entertainment’s “Star Trek: The Original Series” also features BD-Connect.

“It keeps enhancing the product after its release,” said Giant Interactive president Jeff Stabenau. “It’s really designed for easy-to-implement sets of features.”

Originally developed for HD DVD, BD-Connect is better known on more than 400 European Blu-rays as dynamicHD. The software allows for rapid loading, streaming and downloading via BD Live, as well as user-generated quizzes, trivia, RSS feeds, photo galleries, marketing banners, menu widgets and synchronized movie viewing. Stabenau says it’s the easiest BD Live technology to implement.

“It comes with more testing and more in the field usage than any other BD Live features out there,” Stabenau said, adding he hopes every North American Blu-ray distributor gives it a whirl. “The response has been really strong. Blu-ray users are always looking for additional content, and the feedback we’ve received for [BD-Connect] has been strong.”

Stabenau said the software also works “seamlessly” with BD Live community Web sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as iPhone applications.
“Right now a lot of these BD Live solutions, at least those so far, have enhanced just one specific title,” Stabenau said. “That makes it limited. … Ours, out of the box, works.”

The software will be on display Nov. 3 at the Blu-Con 2.0 conference in Los Angeles.

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