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Europe BD Group Mulls Licensing Issues, Costs

3 Sep, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey

The replication committee of the European Media-Tech Association Sept. 3 said licensing issues and high costs associated with making Blu-ray Discs is stifling competition.

Pointing to leading Blu-ray replication company Sony DADC, the committee issued a statement saying, “This quasi-monopoly threatens the entire market, the independent disc producers and even the Blu-ray format itself.”

The downturn in the global economy is threatening tens of thousands of replication jobs in Europe, the committee added. The committee is suggesting a boost in marketing of Blu-ray in both Europe and America and is seeking a reduction in the costs for Blu-ray licensing fees and mandatory AACS copy protection. The current fee for a Blu-ray Format and Logo License Agreement is $15,000.

“In the meantime the replicators lack the patience and also the money to simply wait for turnaround in this direction. They are discussing to call the watchdogs’ attention to their dilemma,” the committee said.

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