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Director Zack Snyder Discusses 'Fuller Experience' of 'Watchmen,' '300' Blu-rays

24 Jun, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey

Zack Snyder

BURBANK, Calif. — One word best describes the July 21 Blu-ray Disc releases of Watchmen Director’s Cut and 300: The Complete Experience, coming July 21 from Warner Home Video.

“Immersive. When we talk to Blu-ray enthusiasts … that’s what they say they want most,” said Kris Brown, VP of worldwide high-definition for WHV. “There are a lot of rabid fans who want to know every detail.

With these two releases, nearly every behind-the-scenes detail is included, and director Zack Snyder showed off the special features for both releases June 24 at the studio.

Snyder will also be doing a live discussion of the Watchmen Blu-ray when it’s screened at Comic-Con July 25, and audio of his discussion will be streamed live, and archived for fans of Watchmen who miss it.

For Watchmen, the Maximum Movie Mode presents a multistory presentation while the movie is playing, with Snyder walking in while it’s rolling, talking about how different scenes were created. Picture-in-picture video, comparisons to the graphic novel, a timeline, storyboards and photo galleries also pop up during the Movie Mode.

“To find out how we made this movie, this is the way to go,” Snyder said of the feature. “In some ways, it’s customized for [Blu-ray]. It’s exhaustive. It’s a much fuller experience.

The Blu-ray will also include 25 minutes of footage not seen in theaters, three extensive featurettes, a music video, a digital copy, and BD Live features. A Facebook Connect feature allows users to update and access the social networking site via BD Live.

“This [Blu-ray], all of it’s here,” Snyder said. “You can drill down as far as you want with the movie. It’s probably the first time the Blu-ray is challenging the equipment.”

For 300: The Complete Experience, Snyder talked about The Complete 300: A Comprehensive Immersion, an interactive picture-in-picture feature that allows users to choose one of three sections of added information: “Creating a Legend,” a look at the film compared to Frank Miller’s graphic novel; “Bringing the Legend to Life,” a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the film; and “The History Behind the Myth,” which looks at the film compared to the history of the Spartans. Broken into 30 minute blocks, users can choose just one path of added information, or access information along all three.

“We had all this material, and we wanted to put it in this single place,” Snyder said. “It’s the three paths that people have been interested in, related to the movie.

“What you can do with a Blu-ray movie now, it becomes transcendent of just watching the movie. We took pretty much everything extra done for 300, and put it onto one Blu-ray. It’s a different experience, even for me.”

Bluescreen picture-in-picture, a commentary, a half dozen featurettes, Webisodes, deleted scenes, BD Live features, a digital copy and a 38-page book also are included.

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