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DEG Europe: Blu-ray Spending Up 109% in 2009


By : Chris Tribbey | Posted: 11 Feb 2010

Home entertainment spending for 2009 topped 6.3 billion euros ($8.6 billion) in Europe in 2009, a 6.8% drop from 2008, according to data from DEGE: The Digital Entertainment Group Europe.

However, 22 million Blu-ray Disc units were sold during the year, equaling 443 million euros ($604 million), a sales growth of 109% year over year.

“Last year was never going to be easy, but in comparison to many other similar-sized industries, the European home entertainment businesses in 2009 held up well,” said Yves Caillaud, SVP of Warner Home Video’s European arm, and chairman of the DEGE. “Blu-ray is gaining further momentum in Europe thanks to a concerted cross-industry promotional effort, near universal penetration of HDTVs, increased consumer awareness and greater player affordability.

“This bodes well for the future success of the industry.”

For 2010, DEGE will place emphasis on emerging 3D consumer technologies and their ties to Blu-ray and high-def.


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