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A&E Readies Blu-ray Titles

By Chris Tribbey | Posted: 06 Oct 2008

A&E Home Video enters the Blu-ray Disc marketplace Nov. 18 with two titles: The Universe: The Complete Season One and Paul McCartney: The Space Within Us.

Best-sellers on DVD, the titles both have a prebook date of Oct. 28.

Paul McCartney: The Space Within Us was filmed in 2005 during the performer’s U.S. tour, using more than two-dozen high-def cameras. The feature-length concert film goes backstage, into the crowd, and into space, with astronauts aboard the International Space Station receiving a live feed of one of the 30-plus songs included. It will be available at $34.95, with an interactive juke box, interviews, sound check songs, production notes and more included in the bonus features.

The 13 episodes of “The Universe” take viewers through different studios, visions, predictions and explorations of space, with both real footage and computer graphics. The Blu-ray collection also features a feature-length documentary about the Big Bang. It will be available at $79.95.

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