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‘Wonder’ Marks First Indican Blu-ray Release

12 Aug, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey


It’s not often you get an ex-president to do an extra for a Blu-ray Disc.

Indican Pictures will make its first Blu-ray release a special one, when it releases the documentary The Wonder of It All Sept. 15 (prebook Aug. 15), packed with bonus features that will be hard to duplicate. The highly personal look at the Apollo space program and America’s mission to the moon includes interviews with the surviving men who walked on the moon and offers tribute to those who’ve died.

Noting that the youngest living moonwalker is 73 (Charlie Duke) and the oldest is 79 (Buzz Aldrin), Indican Pictures’ Randolph Kret said the film and the Blu-ray bonuses represent an opportunity to recognize the Apollo astronauts one final time.

“It’s the closing of an era,” he said.

The surprise highlight is a featurette of President George H.W. Bush’s presentation of the film during a special screening in Bangor, Maine. Only it wasn’t just people from NASA and the CIA who were invited: a live feed from the International Space Station allowed astronaut and flight engineer Gregory Chamitoff and Russian cosmonauts Cmdr. Sergei Volkov and flight engineer Oleg Kononenko to do an introduction to the screening. Indican got the OK to use the event as a Blu-ray bonus feature. It and all the bonus features for Wonder are in high-def, Kret said.

Also for the Blu-ray extras, the head of the Kennedy Space Center allowed a camera crew into simulators, on the launch pad and around the fleet. In addition, special features include interviews with astronaut Walt Cunningham; NASA camera operator Ed Fendell; shuttle Cmdr. George Zamka; Eileen Collins, the first female shuttle commander; and Martha Chaffee, widow of astronaut Roger Chaffee, who died in 1967 during a pre-launch accident for Apollo I.

Other bonuses include a CNN interview with astronaut Buzz Aldrin; a behind-the-scenes featurette hosted by astronaut John Young; a commentary with moonwalkers Charlie Duke, Alan Bean and Edgar Mitchell; another commentary with producer Paul Basta and director Jeffrey Roth; an interview with astronauts Harrison Schmitt and Eugene Cernan; trailers; and tributes to other Apollo astronauts.

Since starting its limited theatrical run in July, the film has brought in more than $500,000.


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