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Say It Ain’t So

By Billy Gil | Posted: December 29, 2008

My excitement over Watchmen has only grown with each new screenshot, trailer and video released for the film, not to mention experiencing the fandom for Alan Moore’s graphic novel masterpiece at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International. In an era in which The Dark Knight has routinely wound up near the top of year-end movie lists, Watchmen looks like it could be the next superhero classic (even if it ends up not quite living up to its hype).

So it’s with great displeasure that I learned the court held that Warner Bros. violated distribution rights for Watchmen held by 20th Century Fox. Not that I have anything against Fox, mind you; I’m sure they have a perfectly legitimate case. It’s just that I was excited to have the film finally come out in March. Now no one’s sure when that will happen, even if Warner maintains the film will come out as planned.

In the wake of this news and disappointing reviews for The Spirit, I hope studios don’t start turning away from long-underrated comic book, comic strip and graphic novel writing for film material (fat chance, with the success of that other Warner superhero film). Hopefully everything is resolved in due time.

Just watch this and take a look at the care being put into the sets alone in this video, the first of 12 videos set to debut every month up to the film’s release. Hopefully the video countdown isn’t its own Doomsday Clock to a movie that doesn’t come out.


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