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Give the Gift of Blu-ray

By John Latchem | Posted: November 24, 2008

There seems to be a perception out there that only people with HDTVs would be interested in Blu-ray Disc players, or that the players won’t work without the HDTV.

It isn’t so.

Just for kicks the other day, I hooked up a Panasonic BD player to a standard-def TV, and it worked just fine. The picture looked amazing, as if the machine was basically a high-end DVD player.

Obviously this isn’t the intent of the technology, but it’s a marketing avenue the studios haven’t really taken advantage of.

If consumers aren’t quite ready to spend the money for an HDTV quite yet, the Blu-ray player is less of a commitment. It lets them use Blu-ray movies right now, and some Blu-ray-exclusive extras, without having to worry about buying the same titles again in the high-def format later. And knowing the potential picture quality Blu-ray offers might spur them to upgrade to the HDTV sooner than they anticipated.

That’s why a Blu-ray player would make a great gift this holiday season, since it doesn’t matter if the recipient has an HDTV or not.

It supports the format, supports the industry and supports the economy. What could be better than that?

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