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Blu-ray Makeup — Just Kill Me Now

By Kyra Kudick | Posted: January 02, 2009

OK, so we here at HM always talk about how fab Blu-ray is (and I’m not saying it isn't). You gotta love the storage capacity of the discs, the superior sound quality and the oh-so-clear picture.

Or do you? I am all for a great picture, especially for movies with sweeping vistas of snow-capped mountains and sparkling beaches. But what about when the picture is an actor’s capped teeth and sparkling hair plugs?

And what about when the camera is turned on you? Since the apparent future of home media is high-definition, from the HDTV to the family camcorder, it stands to reason everyone is going to get a turn under this particular microscope. And I, for one, think I might want a pass.

In a recent editorial meeting, we were discussing this very topic, and I recalled an article I had read earlier in 2008 about HD makeup — a type of makeup created specifically for actors and newscasters who were filmed in HD. And I began to wonder what in God’s name was in this make-up.

Does it resemble that nasty pancake makeup I recall from theater performances? Is it like some variety of shellac? Is it all air-brush (some of it is), and is it available to the average consumer?

I decided to consult what I affectionately call “the makeup Mecca,” also known as Sephora.com. I figured if the makeup was available to the mass consumer, it would be sold there. And surprise, surprise (OK, not really because Sephora is awesome and they have everything), I found a whole section dedicated to HD makeup, and (this was actually surprising) it may not be some kind of shellac after all.

According to the Sephora gods, this type of makeup contains specialized photochromatic pigments that adjust with the light so your skin looks perfect in any light or setting. I don’t know about all that, but it sure sounds interesting.

There is even a brand (CARGO) with a Blu-ray line of HD makeup. That’s right, folks. Blu-ray makeup. I can almost buy into the idea of a foundation or powder that works with light, but mascara? C’mon now. Mascara is mascara, is mascara. But if the stuff can actually stick to my lashes and not end up under my eyes raccoon-style, I might be interested ...

I admit my curiosity has been piqued. And since it seems we may all need to get ready for our close-ups soon, a trip to the mall may be in order.

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