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Insights from home entertainment industry experts. Home Media blogs give you the inside scoop on entertainment news, DVD and Blu-ray Disc releases, and the happenings at key studios and entertainment retailers. “TK's Take” analyzes and comments on home entertainment news and trends, “Agent DVD Insider” talks fanboy entertainment, “IndieFile” delivers independent film news, “Steph Sums It Up” offers pithy opinions on the state of the industry, and “Mike’s Picks” offers bite-sized recommendations of the latest DVD and Blu-ray releases.

February 23, 2010
No BD ‘Justice’ at Wal-Mart

Amazon.com's Justice League Lithograph

A Wal-Mart in Long Beach, Calif., has resorted to some interesting strategies in positioning its new releases.

All new-release Blu-rays were put near the check-out lanes at the front of the store, forcing movie fans taking the short-cut through the garden section to cross the whole store to find the titles they want.

However, some new Blu-rays are relegated to online-only or limited-store status, such as the new Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. This Wal-Mart’s usual Blu-ray section in the electronics department was stocked mostly with Blu-ray double features.

The new policy was met with confusion by some clerks on the floor, who lamented that most of the offerings were older movies that didn’t offer the best HD experience.

Other retailers were more kind to the new direct-to-video Justice League. Target offered an exclusive bonus disc with the two-DVD special edition, Amazon.com offered lithographs with the two-DVD and Blu-ray versions for a few extra dollars, and Best Buy gave away figurines of the film’s Owlman character.

Best Buy also offered free Alice in Wonderland movie tickets (it hits theaters March 5) with the purchase of select Disney classics at $9.99 each, such as Tron or the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies.

By: John Latchem

November 09, 2009
Take a Trip to ‘Planet Hulk’

Planet Hulk

The folks at Lionsgate are pretty excited over their latest direct-to-video animated movie based on Marvel Comics superhero characters. Planet Hulk hits shelves Feb. 2 (prebook Jan. 6) and comes in single-DVD ($19.98), two-DVD special edition ($24.98) and Blu-ray Disc ($29.98) configurations.

Based on a Marvel storyline from a few years ago, the plot involves the forces of Earth declaring the Incredible Hulk too dangerous and exiling the big green guy into space. He eventually crashes on the distant planet Sakaar, ruled by the tyrannical Red King. Lots of fighting ensues.

I’m more of a DC guy myself, but this looks like a pretty exciting title for comic-book fans to check out.

Extras include a digital copy, a featurette, a “Wolverine and the X-Men” episode, “Spider-Woman” and “X-Men” music videos, and “Spider-Woman” and “X-Men” motion comics.

By: John Latchem

October 30, 2009
Warner Discounts DC Comics Merchandise

The Warner Bros. online store, WBShop.com, is offering up to 40% savings off select branded DC Comics merchandise, including DVDs and Blu-ray Discs featuring such superheroes as Batman and Superman.

Featured items include the Watchmen DVD for $11.36 (40% off) or the Blu-ray for $18.96 (37% off), Superman/Batman: Public Enemies — Special Edition DVD for $16.30 (26% off) or Blu-ray for $19.13 (20% off), The Adventures of Aquaman animated series for $17.66 (23% off), Smallville: Season 8 for $36.27 (24% off), a "Batman" four-film set for $11.36 (40% off) and much more.

The offer expires Nov. 12 and excludes digital downloads.

Other merchandise includes costumes, watches, shirts, sweatshirts and collectibles.

By: John Latchem

September 01, 2009
When Marvel Meets the Mouse

Disney Spidey

So, what can we expect from Disney’s buyout of Marvel Entertainment? Probably nothing too earth-shattering. The deal should help Disney target the young male demographic, but Marvel’s prior agreements with other studios aren’t going to net Disney many film rights to the characters for a few years.

Still, the merger is fertile soil for imaginative ideas:

• Pixar presents The Incredibles vs. The Fantastic Four — After all, The Incredibles are basically a thinly veiled copy of Marvel’s super foursome.

• Darkwing Duck joins the Avengers

• Scrooge McDuck attempts a hostile takeover of Stark Industries, gives the Iron Man suit to Launchpad McQuack. Hilarity ensues.

• Galactus devours It's a Small World — hundreds of randy teens take their make-out sessions to Pirates of the Caribbean instead.

• Doctor Doom takes over Sleeping Beauty’s castle, adds missiles.

• Namor the Sub-Mariner proposes marriage to The Little Mermaid, learns she has a thing for Aquaman.

• Captain America hosts a new DVD of Disney's World War II propaganda films — just because it’s the patriotic duty of all steroid-enabled American superheroes (I’m sorry. Cap isn’t on steroids. It’s “super soldier serum.” My bad.).

• Remy LeBeau (Gambit from the X-Men) opens a Poker House in New Orleans Square

• Spider-Man starts dancing down Main Street during the parade

• ESPN Friday Night Boxing: Donald Duck vs. Howard the Duck — Why not aim high?


By: John Latchem

July 21, 2009
Cool 'Watchmen' Deals at Retail

Those looking to pick up a copy of the just-released Watchmen on DVD or Blu-ray can head over to Best Buy for exclusive packaging. Best Buy has the Blu-ray Disc version for $24.99, the two-DVD director’s cut for $22.99 and the single-DVD theatrical version for $14.99. An exclusive Blu-ray with Dr. Manhattan box art can be had for $34.99, and a two-DVD set with special Rorschach art is $29.99. Best Buy also has Watchmen action figures for $12.99 each.

Target has the discs at $15.99 for the theatrical version, $22.99 for the director’s cut DVD, and $25.99 for the Blu-ray.

Amazon.com has a Blu-ray version in an exclusive Nite Owl ship replica at $89.99 (list price $119.99).

Gamers can get a copy of the Blu-ray as part of Watchmen: The End Is Nigh — The Complete Experience, which includes the movie on Blu-ray Disc and both parts of the Watchmen: The End Is Nigh video game for Xbox 360, all for $49.99.

Watchmen: The End is Nigh parts one and two are available as a standalone Xbox 360 video game for $29.99. Or, part two is available on its own for download on PC on July 29 and PlayStation®Network on July 30 for a retail price of $14.99, and on Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360 on Aug. 26 for 1200 Microsoft Points.

By: John Latchem


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