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Blockbuster Enhances Search for On Demand Movies

10 Feb, 2010 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Blockbuster has entered into a deal with Tribune Media Services that will its help video-on-demand consumers better navigate the No. 1 DVD rental service's electronic movie content.

TMS movie metadata allows customers to integrate Blockbuster titles throughout their video services' navigation screens and menus.  In addition, the software allows for better search results to help consumers find Blockbuster movies that most meet their interests and mood.

TiVo Inc. is the first joint customer of TMS and Blockbuster to deploy the service. Owners of broadband-connected TiVo digital video recorders can more easily navigate the Blockbuster catalog of new releases, popular hits and independent movie favorites.  

Blockbuster On Demand is one of several initiatives the Dallas-based company is developing as it transitions away from a store-based business to Web-connected consumer electronics devices.

"As more video options are available across more media platforms, consumers need easier ways to search across thousands of titles," said Jay Fehnel, VP of TMS' entertainment information division. 

TMS metadata industry clients Microsoft, Google, TiVo, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, IMDb and The New York Times.

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