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Peter Cook and Dudley Moore: The Best of … What's Left Of … Not Only … But Also … (DVD Review)

7 Sep, 2008 By: Rachel Cericola

Cook and Moore

Street 9/9/08
BBC Video
$24.98 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Peter Cook, Dudley Moore.

In the mid-1960s, Dudley Moore was hired to do a BBC show that highlighted his musical talents. After one appearance by Moore's longtime friend Peter Cook, things quickly morphed into the variety show "Not Only ... But Also."

Sadly, after three seasons, the BBC erased the show from its lineup, as well as some of its master tapes, which was the practice at the time. The network has taken "what's left" of the series and put out this 170-minute release. The one-disc collection includes six episodes, which showcase a lot of the duo's dry-martini-soaked style.

It also features a funny, funky cameo from the late John Lennon. There's plenty of music here, intertwined with wacky sketches, which include the duo's Pete and Dud and "Superthunderstingcar." With some similarities to "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour," the end result is more a Monty Python musical set to jazz.

Aside from pairing up for the 1967 cult hit Bedazzled, the two eventually scored individual big-screen success. Of course, Moore went on to somewhere between the moon and New York City (in 1981's Arthur) and even scored himself a 10 with Bo Derek.

Cook also went on to star in several big-screen projects but is probably best known for his brief scene-stealing role in The Princess Bride.

Fans of both actors, as well as classic BBC humor, will surely enjoy this unearthed gem. There's also a great featurette titled "Success Story: Peter Cook and Dudley Moore," a nice homage to both of the late comedians.

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