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Blues (DVD Review)

7 Jul, 2011 By: Billy Gil

Level 33
$9.95 DVD
Not rated.

Blues is a redemption tale set against a hostage situation at a blues club.

Black Chile (Ty Hodges) and white Head (Steve Connell) are best friends who grew up together in the hood, joking about whether Head can use the N-word and dreaming of becoming legendary thugs. They hold up a liquor store and end up inside a blues club while escaping the cops, taking the lot of people inside hostage.

What ensues is a devolution of character for Chile and Head as they deal differently with the situation.

While funloving Chile freaks out over the escalating situation, Head grows more and more agitated and delusional, with deadly consequences.

Filmmaker Brandon Sonnier moves between Quentin Tarantino-style action and doling life lessons from the wise, old blues club owner. It’s a bit of an awkward mix, but Sonnier makes it work, aided by decent acting from Hodges, Connell and Sydney Tamiia Poitier (of Death Proof, and daughter of the great Sidney Poitier) as a feisty hostage who won’t back down.

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