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Hit Parade (DVD Review)

30 May, 2010 By: Billy Gil

Prebook 6/1/10; Street 7/13/10
$29.95 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Jonathan Browning, Scott Brick, Nicholas Lanier, Mariah Robinson, Roger McDonald, Rob Wood, Ned Mochel, Leslie McManus.

Hit Parade follows a retired hitman who’s pushed back into his old life in this first effort by writer-director Joe Casey.

Jerome Archer now works as a manager at a bookstore, light years away from his former life as a hitman. But such things aren’t so easy to bury, Jerome learns, when two Census Bureau employees come looking for him and drive him back into his old lifestyle to hunt down a new young killer.

Hit Parade subscribes to the Tarantino brand of filmmaking, with even more irreverence, in which murderers are presented as complex, and often comical, people. In that sense, the film really belongs to actor Nicholas Lanier as spazzy young hitman Speed Razor, who inexplicably looks like a ’90s raver, with bleach-blond hair and bug-eye glasses. His back-and-forth scenes with Jonathan Browning as Jerome represent the meat of the film.

Unfortunately, much of the rest of Hit Parade, while it admirably attempts to present a familiar premise with twists, is hampered by its lo-fi production. It would be interesting to see what TV writer Casey (“Ben 10”) could do with better production values and a more unique premise.

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